January 10, 2012

red blazers + bad days

{pants: gap | boots: nine west | shirt: target | red blazer: sag harbor (thrifted) | scarf: F21}

I wore this last Thursday when I had an efficient day at work.  I even woke up an hour early so I could go to Starbucks and finish reading Bossypants, with a grande Pike Place.
I didn't wear this yesterday, when I woke up two hours after my alarm and was late to work, with no makeup, wearing leggings as pants, and wait for it.... no coffee.

That Monday is one for the record books.

P.S. for those wondering my Monday did get better after buying new yoga pants at Target and eating the mess of out a #4 at Chik-fil-A.


  1. Jess {The-In-Between}January 10, 2012 at 7:34 AM

    Sorry about your bad Monday. I treated myself with some retail therapy too. Is Bossypants good? Seems like everyone is reading it. Feel free to send it my way. :)

  2. Mondays. bleh. Maybe you should just wear that every day. Super cute.

  3. Retail therapy is always my go-to! It just sucks when I am BROKE!

  4. EVERYDAY?! I'm sold. Mondays suckkkk! The only good thing about Mondays is Pretty Little Liars.

  5. love this outfit.. so classic. you look like a ralph lauren model! sorry you had a sucky day on Monday but at least it got better! i don't know what i'd do if my alarm didn't go off (luckily for me my internal alarm clock is actually alarm number 1).

    xo, Jill

  6. Mondays can bite me. YEP. I SAID IT.

    You look le gorgeous in this red blazer!

    (Should I read Bossypants? I've owned it since it came out but haven't picked it up since haha.)

  7. Thank goodness I have next Monday off! I can't face Monday again, not so soon.
    And yes, def def def read Bossypants.  You will wet your bossypants, you'll be laughing so hard.

  8. THANKS! That's like the best best best compliment ever.  And praise the Lord for my internal alarm clock, even if it was 2 hours late, because I would have been up a creek for reaaalz! :)

  9. Love this outfit especially that scarf! Monday's suck! That's why Friday's are awesome!


  10. That's such a chic, classic outfit!
    I LOVE the red blazer on you.

  11. oh oh oh  sorry to hear about the coffee-less bad day :( I get cranky when I don't get my daily tea/coffee too! but hey, you look gorge in red.


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