January 2, 2012

Misikko HANA Air Hair Dryer Review

If you have been around this little blog for any period of time, you may have noticed that I am a beauty fanatic as well.  I am always game to try a new trend, product, or styling device.  When Misikko.com asked me to review their premier hair dryer, the Hana Air, I was completely ready to accept the challenge.  It's rated as their best hair dryer and was voted the as the Premier Hair Dryer in 2010 and 2011! 

Preface: It is important to note that I have naturally curly, unruly hair and like (almost) every curly headed lady out there, I have always coveted sleek, silky straight locks.  I have long been searching for products and tools to make my hair that way for the longest time now.  The hair drying process used to be a mundane step that I loathed daily! Not anymore...  

First Impressions:  The packaging on on a product from Misikko.com makes you feel like a kid at summer camp getting a care package from Mom.  I mean, they go the extra mile to make you feel special!

Product: It's lightweight, it's sleek, and it's got a long cord. CHECK CHECK CHECK!
I plugged in this baby and it blew me away, literally. The power and wattage is truly impressive.  It has many different settings from cool, warm, & hot.  This is honestly the first dryer I've owned that truly blew cool air when you wanted it.  I like to blast my locks with cool air after blowdrying and this dryer really did it!
My hair felt softer and there was ZERO static.
I can honestly say that the HANA air hair dryer passed every curly hair ---> straight hair item on the check list.
Best of all, I was frizz free :)

(Pic on right: After using the dryer, very smooth hair with my natural wave)
(Pic on left: after straightening, my hair has never been this sleek and smooth!)
Even for those not hair care obsessed (like me), this product will simplify your beauty routine and make you feel and look lovely!
Check out the other amazing styling products available from Hana,
 I know I have my eye on the Hana Elite Ceramic Flat Iron.
Check out Misikko.com and check out their wide variety of products (including CHI Hair Products!!!)

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  1. oh you lucky duck, Bekah! That's a lovely hair dryer! and I'm glad it totally works for you and your hair! 

  2. Heehee! It made all the difference in the world for this curly header girl!

  3. I had ordered this dryer, and returned it...I also have curly/frizzy hair, and honestly, I did not notice any big difference in this dryer.  It did blow cool air easily, but felt the airflow a little too strong on high, very noisy, and I did not think it was light at all...returned it, and will exchange for the T3 professional...

  4. Joyce, I hate that the hair dryer did not work out for you! I hope the T3 works for you.  I also got to try some of the Hana Shine Shield product and it made my hair super super smooth, you should try it out! :)

  5. Dear Bekah:
    oh well, it works that way sometimes!  thanks....yes, I am hoping I will have better luck with the T3.....I have only used the Hana Shine Shield once, and it seemed o.k., but I always use a couple of different things, so it's not always easy to tell what did what...I will have to try it again without anything else to get a better idea....btw, I also ordered the Hana Pro flat iron, as I had tried the Hana elite (ceramic), and it didn't really work for me...had to pass around 6-7 times on 400 before it would straighten, but I had a similar thing happen with another ceramic, so maybe ceramic just doesn't work as well for my hair.  I have baby fine hair, but I have a fair amount of it, and it is very frizzy/curly.  I'll let you know when I get them!  Thanks for the return note!  Love, Joyce


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