January 5, 2012

magic pants + a photo a day

{red pants: dots | black shirt: target | white sweater: old navy | shoes: payless | necklace: borrowed}

I may only be twenty three years old, but red pants may have been the best thing to ever happen to me.
These magic pants instantly give me a mood boost and turn my occasional outfit frown upside down. (right side up? I confused myself...)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

If you follow me don't follow me (@missbekah) on Instagram (you're missing out..) I just wanted to share the January Photo A Day Challenge with you!  Each day in Jan, you share a picture that goes along with the theme! Here are my first three days:

Day One: ME

Day Two: Breakfast.
(PS I didn't wake up until 12:30, y'all.  Don't judge)

 Day Three: Something You Adore
Day Four: Letterbox
and lastly Day Five (today): Something You Wore (yesterday)

It's not too late to play along! Use Instagram and the hashtag #janphotoaday for maximum funness.



  1. Love these red pants on you... and adore how you styled them! Also what a fun photo challenge... great breakfast!

  2. Rachel - for the birdsJanuary 5, 2012 at 8:40 AM

    I love your red skinnies.. I haven't worn mine for awhile - maybe I'll wear mine today! :) -Rachel (forthebirds)

  3. I can't lie... I loved have lunch for breakfast during Xmas break! The photo challenge is so fun!

  4. Thanks! They bring a pop to an otherwise boring day! :)

  5. I wanna do this photo a day thing!!!! Am I too late? and I also want a pair of red skinnies! yours is super magic because it makes me smile!

  6. I love those red skinnies - I've just got my first pair of coloured denim!
    Jess xo

  7. Loving those red pants. I wish we still had a Dots around here! The red skinnies I tried on from Target did NOT fit. :/

  8. Jess {The-In-Between}January 5, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    Love this post. I just got a pair of red pants too...too bold for work??
    I'm following your instagram #janphotoaday and doing it too. @JessiAub

  9. I love your red pants! I only have dark red corduroy - same thing? Nah yours are cuter! Also, I still don't know what Dots is. Also, I've been wanting a semi-slouchy turtleneck, but I'm trying not to shop haha. The end! <3

  10. Girl you are KILLING it on those red pants!! thx for the sweet comment on my blue ones, I'm LOVING them! Love how you styled these... really like the darker shirt underneath the light sweater!  

  11. I love your photo challenge! FUUUNN! And I love your red pants. I have a pair, as well. And they make me happy, too!

  12. Thanks lovely lady!! And you're so welcome, with a big fat thank you back for your sweet red pants comments! Let's be best friends and always compliment each other's pants. Deal? Deal.

  13. It's such a fun thing, the photo challenge!  Keepin' it real, ya know? Let's have a red pants party!

  14. 1. DON'T SHOP 2. You'll have to come to memphis so I can introduce you to the semi-ghetto always affordable fashion experience that Dots is. XOXO

  15. NO MAM! I wear my red pants with pride to teach my little four year olds.  Of course, they like sparkles and feathers better, but I can't always please those little turds.

  16. Dots is the best!  Once you get past the ghetto club wear, you can get some good basics for under 25 bucks! You just can never wash them normally or dry them in the dryer ever! Haha 

  17. These are stretchy and knit, but I've been drooling over cobalt blue denim for a while now! I'm about to bite the bullet and get some! I love your maroon pants!

  18. No way you're not too late!!! Catch up on instagram with a collage or something!! :) We still have 25+ days to goooooo :)

  19. Sheri Ann Laza-SchmitzJanuary 7, 2012 at 12:49 AM

    Love, love, love your red pants!  I'm actually heading out tomorrow to get myself a pair of skinnies in red and cobalt blue - or at least try to grab some.

    Your blog is fabulous, will be adding this to my daily reads list! :]

    And thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Sheri Ann
    sprinkles and style.


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