January 11, 2012

wishful wednesday

wishful wednesday: beauty edition
Here are some things that this merrymaker is wishing for:
It's the perfect jewel tone to wear until spring!
(wishful wednesday cheat: I actually bought it today and I am SO obsessed with it.)

UPDATE: The Go Overboard looks so dark on my fingers and maybe my two coats were too much (??)
Let me know if you try this and get different/same results
I bought my sister-in-law a different, huge Urban Decay palette for Christmas... #1 because she already has this (lucky) and #2 she adores their pigments and shades.  I want to get this for myself because it's amaaaaazing and perfect for everyday wear.
 (You can get it online from Ulta with free shipping...I'll take one too! kthanksbye)


Kate Spade's eau de perfume Twirl is like a party for your nostrils.  I fell in love with it when I received a sample in my Ulta order, and I can't wait to save up the cash to buy this pricey baby.

The Nars lipstick, Heat Wave, has been heating up the blogosphere.  I'm all about it.  Not every lipstick looks fantastic on everyone, but I am willing to give this one a run-through at my local beauty sto'.
Tried it? Want to try it? Own it? Let me know.

(via, via)

Lastly, I wish for the time to schedule my mani/pedi/margarita that I got with a Living Social deal
And for the courage to get my hair cut because for some reason, I keep chickening out.
(I swear, that's a phobia, right?)

happy hump day.



  1. I got the a sample of Twirl in my Birchbox sometime last year and it's not my cup of tea. So if you like I'd be more than happy to pop my sample in the mail to you because it's literally sitting here collecting dust. Maybe it'll tide you over until you get the bigger bottle! Let me know if you want it... I can quickly pop it in the mail!

  2. I have heard a lot about Birchbox!!! Is it worth it?! Do you love it? Shoot me an email and let me know if you have some time! And I'll send you my shipping because I would LOVE your twirl! :) :) :)
    mattersofmerrymaking AT gmail DOT com

  3. Bekah. Is that an engagement ring & wedding band...?!?!? Color me confused.

  4. Lemme jump in here to announce that I LOVE Birchbox,. I've been getting it month-top-month since August, but just yesterday I committed to a full year (you get a month free if you pay up front). I've also given it as gifts, & I haven't heard from anyone who hasn't fallen in love with it. Some mots are better than others, to be sure, but I love the excitement of getting a mystery box of beauty goodies every month!

  5. HA! It's a right hand ring.  My phone must have flipped and mirror imaged it! 

  6. You talked me in to it.  I am gonna get a year of boxes as soon as I can! I'll probably try it first!! But I think I would also love the surprise mail!

  7. Good! I think you'll like it! And if you're so inclined, my referral code is http://www.birchbox.com?raf=cnjsf. ;)

  8. I have the Naked palette and I pretty much use it everyday! (As you may have noticed in my Sephora overload Instagram hahaha) Now I wanted Naked2!


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