February 13, 2013

chevron madness

{dress: eloquii via gwynnie bee | necklace: eclectic ornaments | belt: torrid | tights: we love colors | boots: nine west}

Two things I learned today:
1. I have always had a healthy respect for chevron in all aspects of life, but I super love it on clothing.  I'm ashamed to mention that I just figured this out.
2. I sit down and get up a LOT in my day chasing wild and sweet preschoolers.  This results in major wrinkles by noon.  I'm also ashamed to admit I didn't notice my wrinkles until uploading this pictures.
Just to bring you up to date with the thoughts in my head:
 I learned that Bruno Mars is going on tour, and coming to Memphis Nashville! = GOOD!
Tomorrow is the day of red and pink and purple and sparkles = GREAT!
The day after tomorrow, all of the Reeses peanut butter cup shaped hearts in the land will be on clearance = EPIC!

That's all I have for ya today... I am sipping on a QUAD latte and hoping if I close my eyes that it will be Saturday.  Love love.


  1. Oh wow you look gorgeous!! I'm not sure I have chevron coloured clothes??? I'm totally loving that dress!

    1. Thanks!! I know I need to find more chevron ASAP! I love it!

  2. that is the most adorable outfit ever! I love it!

  3. Love chevron anything! Especially this dress cause it is gorgeous!

    Wrinkles should be the least of your worries! If you can get out of there without being covered in paint, food, or some unmentionable bodily fluid you're in pretty good shape!


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