February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2013

I've never been a fan of Valentine's day...
 for the conventional reasons.  While I think bouquets of red roses are beautiful, I get really sad when they die & you have to empty out the murky, weird water.  I would rather be gifted a bag of sweet 'n sour Twizzlers than a box of chocolates filled with unidentifiable liquids inside. But alas-  I'm a sucker for all things heart-shaped in the delectable color scheme that is pink, purple, and red... so even though Ryan Gosling did not (yet) accept my rose this year, all is not lost.  Here are some gifts safe to gift any gal on February 14th- whether it be mother, sister, wife, BFF, teacher, coworker, post woman, etc, etc.
You don't have to be pro-Valentine's day to enjoy some pink pampering and a some ruby bling, ladies!
One: Flora by Gucci (Gift Set) | Check out the newest fragrance that this merrymaker is super obsessed with.  It's described as sensual and intense on the website... so what screams Valentine's Day more than that?!  Top notes of peonies are a plus.  

Two: Stila Valentine's Day Palette: | I'm a sucker for Stila products right now, and this gorgeous powder blush with gold shimmery LOVE on top is tugging on my heart strings.  Perfect gift for your big (or little) sister. Hint hint ; )

Three: West Mama Designs: You're Neat Card: |Etsy is full of handmade cards that I want to buy, put in cute frames, and add to a gallery wall!  Why not find a cutesy one (whiskey lovers, hello!?) to gift to someone you love! Keep it as a card, or frame it to keep it forever.

Four: Lipstick Queen Look Of Love Set:  | Three great shades of pink, designed by Poppy King, that can be used alone or paired together to create a custom look of love!  

Five: Ruby and Garnet Heart Stacking Rings: | Another Etsy score brings the happiness and lovely spirit of Valentine's Day that can be enjoyed 365 days a year!  Stacked rings are huge right now, and I love love love garnets!



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