February 4, 2013


Good Monday to you,
little tiny baby chickens!

Have we recovered from the major Super Bowl extravaganza? Honestly, I was in to it for the first half. REALLY in to it for my lady Beyonce... But they lost me with the power outage and the 8pm start of Downton Abbey! But hey, this merrymaker wouldn't turn down a pitcher of Bloody Marys and a buffet of party food for the world!

On Saturday, a big group of my friends and I went downtown to get food and have a night out! It was so much fun catching up with friends and trying a new restaurant! And then you add in the daiquiri bar and naturally the night ended at a disco. Lets just say I definitely paid for it all day Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday- my brother and sister in law hosted a magnificent party where I feasted and safely enjoyed my distiller water and ginger ale. Daiquiris are dangerous and delicious things.

I played it safe and just wore Beyonce colors: in my opinion she was the MVP!

My sister and I are trying to cook more, so once a week we are getting together and trying new recipes and making them healthy options. She made blackened chicken and cilantro lime quinoa! It was the est thing everrrrr. Ever. Ever. 

Also: February is one of my favorite months because of heart shaped foods. I'm a fan :)
I hope my friends all had weekends worth remembering!! Also I'm wishing this Monday would just end. See ya Tuesday for round THREE of the On Your Mark! beauty feature.


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  1. yeah, everyone kinda lost their momentum after the power outage. hope you are doin well :)



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