February 15, 2013

Facebook Auctions & Etsy Shopping

So I have become unusually obsessed with Facebook auctions and Etsy purchases here lately. I think it's because I'm insanely busy and booked solid seven days a week, so when I have downtime... I'm online shopping! If you're not familiar with Facebook auction sites, you should really check them out. Some of my favorites are Bid Girl, Anna's Armoire, Simply Chic, and Accessory Concierge. There are tons and tons that sell everything from smocked baby clothes to boutique items.. You name it! I'm in it for the designer inspired jewelry at a fraction of the cost. PLUS its way fun to get packages in the mail! My most recent steal:

Then we have Etsy where I could browse for hours and hours and find one handmade treasure and its totally worth it. I'm in love with my new, super simple, gold love knot ring.


Also, rounding out the online shopping I finally found a iPad mini case that encompasses my love for leopard in the simple style case I was looking for. PERFECTION!


Are there any auction sites that you love? Share share share!! What are some of your favorite Etsy shops? TGIF!



  1. All my clothing purchases lately have come from Facebook sites.. Love! Also, GroopDealz. I'm on there a lot too!

    1. Thanks, Terri! Now I am so obsessed with GD! YAY!!!!

  2. I absolutely love the Facebook auctions! I live for them! LOL there is a great one here @ https://www.facebook.com/AbbysAccessoryAuctions. They are just starting out so I'm hoping to get in on the fabulous finds early!


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