January 13, 2011

closet canvasing: first edition

can·vass  (knvs)
v. can·vassedcan·vass·ingcan·vass·es
1. To examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize:

If you are a Law & Order: SVU aficionado, like me, you are familiar with the above vocabulary term.  But if your Netflix queue is full of lighter, friendlier shows, allow me to explain. 


When Detectives are informed of a crime, they canvass the area to see what information they can throw together from witnesses, victims, etc.  So if one were to canvass my closet, they would see a hoard of clothes that either has (a) tags still on them or (b) only seen daylight once or twice.  Thus, I am challenging myself to bring some of the workable pieces out and pair them with new buys. THUS, creating brand new ensembles.  Here's my first trist with Closet Canvass.  Enjoy!

So I got this LBD from Ross (my dress go-to store) and I've only worn it once.  It went in the back of my closet because it hits me at a weird angle due to my height.  It's a little longer than I prefer, so I when it resurfaced (YAY!) I paired it with this belt and it shortens it just the right amount.  Once I was happy with the dress, I was able to pair it with purple tights from DOTS (also, never been opened).

Outfit #1: The belt is literally my FAVORITE recent purchase.  It hold unlimited possibilities AND it was on clearance!  The shoes are really dressy and tres adorable.  I measure about 6'4'' in them so they are only for short parties.

Close up of the shoes from behind

 Outfit #2: So I took a little break and sat down in a dress, yeah yeah, and changed my shoes for a more comfortable look!  The Gap boyfriend cardi helps make the outfit shabby chic when combined with the leopard flats.
 Outfit #3:  Gray cardigan = more neutral.  I like tights, but only for a limited amount of time.
Outfit #4:  I got this coat three Black Fridays ago at Target.  I wore it that following winter and haven't touched it since.  It compliments the LBD perfectly and it was a hit!
Did you like my outfits? 
Try pulling one piece out of your closet and pair it with something newer, the possibilites and fun are endless.  Happy Friday, enjoy the weekend! xx

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