January 19, 2011

boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon.


Granted, it's Wednesday.  But the weekend was long, and it was tiring.  My lovely mother had a birthday this weekend, and we celebrated with a New Orleans style dinner and wine party.

We got these great puzzle piece wine markers at Pier One.  They were adorable!

We spent Saturday morning and afternoon downtown, shooting my video for the 2011 Student Freedom Rides! (Fingers crossed!)  Then we had lunch at the Majestic Grille on S. Main, which is easily my new favorite spot downtown.  I recommend going for brunch or lunch.

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!  The cherry on top of a fabulous weekend can be found in the picture below. That's right... The '98 Camry finally bit the dust.  With a little magic, I wrangled this gem.  It is a Jeep Commander, and I am beyond excited and obsessed with it.  I feel a little bit more grown up every time I get in the driver's seat.

So naturally, with a new car, I had to go shopping for the perfect driving outfit.  And no, it is not the one pictured above.  Due to the weather we have had the past two days, I gravitate toward the bright colors on rainy days.  Completely essential.

I snagged the Essie nail polish in Really Red at Target.  It complements any outfit and looks amazing with my new leather interior.

We have another party coming up this Sunday, for the one and only Ozzy McDuffie.  He turns 3 years old and we just love to celebrate.  Pups and humans are invited. 

Sorry for such a random blog post, but I have literally not had a minute to spare the past few days, BUT I am back and ready to delve in to some apparel & decor sites.
Best wishes for the rest of your week, kiddies. xx B

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