January 12, 2011

wishful wednesday

We have done a little housekeeping and redecorating here at Matters of Merrymaking and I hope you like what you see.  We are definitely proud of our blossoming little flower, so continue to tell your friends and share our link on your social media outlet.

The middle of the week is a fine time to lust after items from our wish lists.  Here are a couple items I have had my eye on.

This space would be the fanciest and most enjoyable place to lounge and read a book.  The book shelves are my favorite part!  Wouldn't it be lovely?
How cute are these Valentine's Day cards? The inside reads, ""Sizzlin' hot and completely irresistible!" 
I mean, HOW CUTE?

I NEED these Hunter rain boots to get through all of the slush and ice left from the snow over the weekend.  And what better way to bring a pop of color in to your ensemble!?


I love this look from one of my daily reads, cupcakesandcashmere.com, it gives a neutral outfit a pop of feminine class and color.  I'm sold.

OOPS! How did this get in here? Oh no! Well, a girl can DREAM, can't she?

Happy Hump Day and I hope you all have a superb remainder of the week.  

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  1. i'm IN LOVE with the book shelf! good find!


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