January 28, 2011

come & knock on my door.

If you are not familiar with the website Houzz.com you should definitely surf over there after reading and check out some of their goodies.  You can search all kinds of home design photos, narrowing down your search by metro area, style, or space.  I took a gander at some fabulous eclectic entryways and my imagination was thoroughly peaked.

stenciled patio door = girl's dream come true

leopard print staircase! i never would have thought of it, but i adore it.

green staircase.  loving the distressed wooden dresser too!

the hallway's striped paint job is attention-grabbing.
 Oh and here's a little sparkle for you.
Happy Friday!
xoxo B
Glitter Garland via Cupcakes and Cashmere

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