January 19, 2011

rainy day wear & wishful wednesday

On a perfect rainy day, don't let the weather get you down.  The past few days have been wet and cold, but you're outfit should not suffer.  Brighten your day and the day of those around you by tying in some brightly colored pieces.

I love this look, because it has brighter colors but also a vintage feel with the tee and retro trench coat.
Everyone needs some boots to jump through puddles in! Check it out!

Oh, and the Philosophy lip gloss looks good on everyone. It is my favorite!

Have fun getting dressed, no matter what the weather!

Wishes This Wednesday:

Love this keyring, very Sex and the City (movie), don't ya think?  Maybe it would bring me my own Mr. Big.  Not getting my hopes up, it is just a keychain.
And if the occasion, or necessity, even comes around when I can spend $200 on a shower curtain, I like the simple design of this one below.  
And the thing I am wishing for the most on this Wednesday is a pleasant Spring, and soon!  And a strange urge to go on a picnic... So here is my first pre-Spring outfit.  And I am definitely adding this dress and MK shoes to my wish list and wearing it at the first sight of Spring.

Cheers, Happy Hump Day!

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