January 20, 2011

spread the word, my dears.

As we continue our beginner's housekeeping and redecorating here at Matters of Merrymaking (and I hope you like what you see), we are glad to have you follow us.  We are definitely proud of our blossoming little flower, so continue to tell your friends and share our link on your social media outlet.

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My next DIY project is to paint these pieces given to me by a family friend.  I love the furniture (nightstand, dresser, and bookshelf also) but the fake wood look does not go with my recently re-done room.  SO i am thinking of painting them a lighter gray than my walls.

My desk is in the same room, and it is black, so we will have to see what mood strikes!

I will post pics of the process, of course.
Any suggestions?
Are any of my followers embarking on some redecorating themselves?

Cheers, xx

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