January 2, 2011

sunday style

Today marks a special blog post that I hope to continue weekly.  In the same spirit as Sunday Style in the New York Times, I am going to bring you Sunday Style- right here!  Whether celebrity or locally inspired, this is a addition I am quite excited about! First, here are the winners from New Years Eve.  Sarah and Kelsey both wore the same Charlotte Russe skirt, but decided to dress it up their own way with variations of white and black, as per the theme, and a little silver, as per their individuality. 

The key looks that are rousing about are absolutely delicious.  
1. biker chic-- very versatile and can be paired with anything from jeans to a delicate skirt. I think my favorite thing about this rising trend is that you can't have enough accessories and detailing.  I already have my faux leather jacket, do you?  The best part is that you can find them just about anywhere in a variety of colors and styles.
Silver motorcycle jacket from Burberry
2. Unexpected Pairings-- (Imagine leather and lace) Equally, if not more exciting, is the trend that is on the horizon to pair pieces and patterns that would not normally be paired.
Example one: Florals with a military jacket

Example: Big, over shaped top and loose skirt
via Anthro
3.  Oxfords-- You've seen them on girls, men, woman alike, with the current menswear trend in the works. They are versatile enough to blend with any outfit.  You could grab a traditional pair, or a feminized pair.
via Urban Outfitters

via Anthro
Lastly. 4. Statement Jewelry-- This key piece (below) is one of my fashion goals for 2011! Be on the lookout for vintage items too, gemstone pieces are gorgeous! Just remember, it's okay to splurge on a crazy, intricate necklace that makes a statement AND makes an entire outfit!

via J. Crew
These key pieces can instantly spice up your current wardrobe!  Hope you enjoyed the Sunday Style post! It's back to school tomorrow, hope everyone had a great Sunday!

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